Where is my personal reading?

If you have ordered a personal reading or skype session through squarespace, and have not received a confirmation email of your order, but you were charged, your order has been received. If you want a confirmation anyways, you can email me at castleintheclouds01@gmail.com to verify your order.

If you are short on time, I do not recommend purchasing a standard reading—I offer an emergency session that I can guarantee delivery within 72 hours. My other readings are sometimes delivered quickly, but this only happens when I have a small number of orders.

If you received a confirmation of your order but have not yet received it, I am aware of your order and am diligently working towards getting it to you! I am only one person, and energy work can be draining and time intensive. It requires both preparation and post processing to provide each client with a quality reading, so sometimes a large number of orders can extend my typical timeframe. My standard delivery window for a recorded video is a maximum of 21 calendar days. If it has been more than 21 days, email me at castleintheclouds01@gmail.com to request an update.

I'm worried I may not be happy with my reading - What guarantees do you offer?

Energy readings are not deterministic—I may provide insight into a possible future based on your current energy— However, only you have both the authority and responsibility to take the necessary actions in your life to make it happen. That being said, my readings are designed to bring you to a state where you can more clearly see what lies in front of you, so that you can make a more wise decision. It is my intention that these readings will provide you with a wider perspective(emotionally, mentally, spiritually) in order to experience this. It should be clear to you that these readings do not mean you cannot reason for yourself what is right and what is wrong. I do not offer any guarantees on the future, or guarantees that you will succeed in your efforts. It is for that exact reason that I do not offer refunds for my services, and that all purchases are final. I also strongly suggest that you do not put your financial stability at risk in order to purchase a reading from me.

How are your video readings delivered?

Depending on where I am in the world and the quality of my internet connection, I typically provide your video message in one of two ways :

Via my Youtube channel : I will upload the video set to a private listing, and provide you with a link to view it directly.

Via Dropbox : I will upload the video to a private folder, and provide you with access to that folder to view and download the video file(typically in .mov format). I usually permanently delete that video and remove access to that folder within 14 days.